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Thank you for considering a contribution to elect Robin Calcutt to the Board of Education in Moore County, N.C. Robin is dedicated to a collaborative mission of ensuring that our students have the best educational opportunities in Moore County.   

Thank you for sharing the details required for all contributions for the campaign.  We cannot accept cash over $50 per day. If the contribution exceeds $50 then a check, debit or credit card transaction is required. Contributions over $50 require information regarding the person's job title, profession or employer information. 

Checks may be mailed to Campaign Treasurer, Robin Calcutt 2325 East Indiana Avenue, Southern PInes, NC 28387. 

Citation: Campaign Finance | NCSBE 

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Robin Calcutt

All contributions must have name and address of contributor. No anonymous contributions.

Amount over $50 required name, address, job title and employer. 

No amount over $5600.00 per campaign.

No contributions accepted from corporations, businesses, professional associations, or insurance companies. 

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Committee to Elect Robin Calcutt
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